Seperated in Kenya?

In 1998 Doctor Samuel Leekey uncovered a remarkable set of humanoid fossils in Kenya near the site where his father discovered the remains of "Lucy", thought to be the first of the modern human line. Using sophisticated computer software Dr. Leekey has made a remarkable discovery - an apparent direct ancestor of the Leader of the Free World™!

We present to you, under special arrangement with the Leekey Foundation, a small sample of these images.

These images have been rescued from another web site. I don't know who the original artist is but I thank him for his efforts.
PS: this is parody damnit. I'd better not find anyone out there using this page to pick on the President. Yeah, he's trashed the US and global economies, managed to plunge the world into war and gave the Limbaugh heads control of the government. But he's our President and we'll pick on him all by oursleves. Go find your own damn President to pick on.
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