The Office of Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security
"We know who you are, we know how you vote"
Patriotism runs deep in my veins and it is my pleasure, as much as it is yours, to help your nation in this time of crisis. By registering with the OHS we can track suspect activities during our war against Terrorism. While authorizing this National Idendity Card program we took into consideration the Constitutional issues but moved forward knowing that good, red blooded, patriotic Americans do not fear their government. Instead, you embrace the very essence of our breath and support our every move without question. You obey our authority like the sheep you are and that's the American Way
Please, fill out this form and your NIC will be mailed to you within 14 days.
Failure to comply will result in immediate arrest by the OHA Police, a $2000 fine and the word "COWARD" will be tattooed on your forehead so that all honest and good Patriotic Americans can know you are a drug addicted dope fiend and traitor.

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Volunteering at parades, rallies, and street fairs
Working at the campaign headquarters
Walking my neighborhood with Wanted Posters
Hosting a "Meet the Terrorist" coffee for my neighborhood
Researching local terrorisim issues
Donating Office equipment for the campaign headquarters

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