The Office of Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security
"We know who you are, we know how you vote"
As our nation prepares for this war we ask that you be prepared to make personal sacrifices so that we may insure US control of Central Asia and the Middle East. You like SUV's? You'll need the oil! A Welcome From the President! This office will coordinate the counter-terrorism efforts of more than 40 federal agencies, including the CIA, FBI, the National Guard. I know you will join us in our prayer that God will (only) Bless America! The President is deeply committed to securing our borders and bringing reform to our immigration system.I promise to keep Americans safe and free while fighting the hordes of terrorists both domestic and abroad. Just cooperate and all will be well.
Reminder: As of January 1, 2006 every American must carry a National Identity Card
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Turn in a Congressman
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Turn in the Paper Boy
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Get Your Identity Card
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Informants Needed
All calls will be kept confidential. We will ask for your name, birthdate and social security number strictly for tracking purposes. This information will not leave our offices nor the offices of the FBI or CIA.

Suggestions to Preserve Our Freedoms
We seek your help and support in rooting out terrorism wherever it rears its ugly head. To help you in this fight for our future we offer these simple suggestions.

Never Question Authority.
Foreign Policy is for grown ups. Don't ask Questions
Everything that happens is Osama Bin Laden's fault
Never Ask Why. Just do it. Nike™
Vote Republican. Remember, we'll know.

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