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Gay Marriage
In the Hudson Valley
Places to go
(some places I've been)
Kenyan Fossils
The Famous Bush Chimps
2005 WJFF Fundie
Apple Pond Farm
A once promising series
Nuclear Lake
with Harley
05 Acoustic Showcase
Fundraising for Indy Media
Visions of Y2K
An foray into the future
It was a different time
Indy Media Fundraiser
September 2004
Idaho Pot for Sale
It's cheap by the bag
Graphic arts for today
M20 '05 Vigil
In Danbury, CT
Happy Beans!
gimmee, gimmee, gimmee
Carole and Chuck Get Married
M19 '05 March
In New Paltz, NY
Travel Snapshots
Chaco, Canada, Colorado
Christmas 2001
A very short film (57 sec)
Peace Coalition
What we do
Special Places
In the Woods
Lake Ossi
German Parking Only
Reagan Isn't Dead Yet
Words from the President
Yo Mama!
Optical Illusions
Safe Brain Drugs
Ashcroft Wuz Here
Freedom in the age of Bush
Idaho Grown Pot
For sale, Cheap!
Gay Porn
shocking photos!
Petition Drop to Sue Kelly
December 14, 2005
Help Keep Cops Straight
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