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February 15, 2014

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  No Country For Sane Men

Eleven years online and still, no one really cares


Things I do:

  Bongo Archives
History does not repeat
Saving the Highlands
Old Growth in our backyard

The Cottage
Waiting for Armageddon

Kent Lakes
Before it's paved

Renovating the Cottage
It's a job!

Music of the Masses
you can't live without
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It's a job,,,
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What's New:
  Politics: Recreation Guide
Putnam County, NY
Die-In at Rhinebeck
December 10, 2005
Jeff Goes Punk
February 16, 2008 - ABC No Rio Punk Collective
  Homeland inSecurity
UnCivil Rights?
Balsam Lake Mountain
with Jason
The War Prayer
Mark Twain Strikes Again
Live Journal Page
No Country For Sane Men
  2004 RNC in NY
And don't have a very good time
Storm King Art Center
June 2005
US Military Dead in Iraq
More and more
Picture of the Day
The nature around me
  Voices Trip to Iraq
A Slide Show 
The Gates - The Met
February 27, 2005
Gallery of US War Dead
The faces you'll never see
  Almost Heaven
The Mountain State
The Lorax
A warning tale by Dr. Seuss

Arts and Poetry:

USS Slater
A Living Memorial
Eyes Wide Open
at Vassar 11/05
    The Poems of George Jones
Notes from Generation Sucks
Stix & Stones House
Folk Art Extrodinaire
Why I Am Against Torture
It's all about national honor
    Arts On The Lake
Bringing culture to my town
Alder Lake, NY
August 2006

Silly and unimportant yet completely irrelevant!